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A Nurse's Testimony:

This testimony is from Dori Ginn, with her expressed full permission.
In the Winter of 2012, I was 42 years old and suffering greatly. As a seasoned nurse, I'd already diagnosed myself with Multiple Sclerosis and prepared for more hopelessness. My entire life I'd been an unusually strong woman, inside and out. Now, I was vulnerable and speechless. Typically, a very upbeat person of faith, I'd reached the end of my rope feeling very small and weak. My family started to see past the "smiling facade" as I'd hide out in my house from friends, colleagues, and often not even taking calls from those I love.

I couldn't drive very long without having to pull over. I dropped plates of food and dishes daily. I could barely brush my hair before losing all muscle strength. I knew deep down something terrible was happening to me.

I'd been written off by 2 different M.D.s that treated me poorly and offered no help at all. Even with telling lab work that showed multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies and a terribly disrupted thyroid. They just wrote me off.

I look back now and realize they didn't know what to do with me. There's no pill for what I was going through. Sadly, I was offered antidepressants and sent away. My husband couldn't take seeing me in this condition any longer and made me commit to find someone else.

In the midst of my weakness, I knew I had to find another way. I turned those pills down and said a prayer. The next day I called Dr. John Stockton's office.

A kind voice greeted me on the phone and made arrangements for a consultation. Shannon's warm welcome gave me a hope that I was going to the right place. She helped me fill out the forms and was a calm, reassuring presence.

From day 1, Dr. John treated me with kindness, compassion, and made a treatment plan for healing the source of all these symptoms I was experiencing. I didn't have M.S., I had multiple layers of damage done to my body over the years....and there was much work to do.

As a nurse, I had to throw off some of my medical ideas that were a hindrance to healing. I began getting back to basics under the care of Dr. John: Eating clean, reducing stressors in my life, effective whole-food supplementation, and gentle exercise. And let's not forget the chiropractic adjustments! I feel like I lived at the clinic in the first few months because I was getting so much relief from the adjustments and therapy. I started to feel stronger and my hope began to soar.

This journey has definitely been a process and I've had ups and downs, but such is life. At one point I was stricken with a thyroid storm and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I temporarily needed meds to keep it somewhat in range. Often times the meds didn't help at all, but Dr. John did!

A few adjustments, and it was lowered again and I've been completely off any meds for 9+ months. Being a nurse, I've been exposed to many diseases and rarely get sick, but I had the Swine Flu in December of 2014 and beat it in 3 days, no Tamiflu or Ibuprofen needed. A few adjustments and some whole-food supplements and I was healed!

All 3 of my children are amazing swimmers and often get ear infections from the water. Dr. John gives them a few adjustments and they are gone! No ear drops or antibiotics at all. My youngest son has always had an odd gait, despite his great agility, and we knew something was wrong with his chest structure. It was obvious, just looking at it from the front. Dr. John took one look at him and felt his back to find a case of scoliosis. He's corrected it tremendously with great success!

What else can I say about a healer who has changed the course of my life from hopeless to healing-and getting stronger all the time!?

I'm moving to another area of Texas in 3 days and it is very hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful doctor and his staff!

If you've been lost or hopeless or turned away, this is the place to go. You may think that what you're living like is "as good as it gets", but that's not the truth. There's a better way and I'm living proof!

It is with much gratitude and joy that I write this testimony.

Be blessed!

Please call Cove Freedom Chiropractic and see the difference for yourself.

- Dori Ginn

From Dori's Children:

  • Dear Dr. John, We are moving. You are fixing my "S" in my back. You are nice to me. God bless you. Love, Nash
  • Dear Dr. John, Thank you for helping me.  Love, Gigi
  • Dear Dr. John, Thank you for making my pains go away and helping my broken wrist. Many thanks, Cole

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