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Chiropractic Copperas Cove TX House Calls

You or an older relative may remember a time when doctors would routinely make house calls in order to visit people who were sick, in pain or dealing with some sort of health condition. You may have thought that those days were long gone, and mostly, they are. However, at Cove Freedom Chiropractic, we are reviving that old-time service and making it available again to our local community! Give our chiropractor in Copperas Cove TX a call to see if house calls are available to you.

How house calls work in Copperas Cove TX

We know some people just can't make it in to the office because they can hardly walk, get out of bed, or have a chronic illness or condition that may make it very difficult to leave the home. The goal of our house calls is to provide hope and help to people by bringing great quality care to them, instead of them having to come to us.

Once a person gets to the point where they can move about again, and they're able to come in to the clinic, then we can continue the healing process in our facility.

Similar to an in-office visit, there is a single fee to cover all examination and treatment procedures necessary each appointment. The fee for a house call is only $75; much cheaper than a typical at-home medical visit and cheaper by leaps and bounds than assisted living or nursing homes.

If you are considering the possibility of utilizing this service for yourself or a loved one, call right away, as there is limited availability of this service due to time restrictions from working in a clinic. Once a person is accepted as a "house call" client, the doctor will make personal arrangements for the assessment and treatment of the individual, that best suits the individual's needs.


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