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Are you a woman, 32-57 years of age in Copperas Cove TX, dealing with chronic pain AND experiencing any of the following: feelings of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger, worry, fear, guilt, or just "stressed out" feelings on a regular basis? Are you sick of feeling this way? Don't make the same mistake that we human beings tend to make, in that we do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result (the definition of insanity). Take the same drugs, talk about the same things, get the same kind of counseling or therapy, do the same routines, etc... Yet the results are still the same. Pain still happening, anxiety, depression, worry, being "stressed out," etc... still a regular thing and so on.

On my own journey, I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out and resolve my own pain and problems. I tried a variety of traditional and not so traditional methods and techniques. Even though there was, at times, some reprieve, at the end of the day, all the problems were still there! Talk about frustration, and loss of hope at times! I'm sure you know what I mean. I got to rock bottom, at my wits end, and literally cried every single day for an entire year! I had been doing everything I could to learn everything I could for years. Finally, after what seemed like endless studying, learning, doing things differently, and spending more money than I could really afford, it all came together! It came down to a unique and empowering way to work with the mind and body together. The result was that my entire life changed dramatically. None of the problems I was experiencing for so long (at least 24 years) were there anymore. And it all changed rather quickly. I began to share my new understanding, along with unique chiropractic care, with some of my patients and witnessed quick and dramatic changes in their lives.

Like Kristi, who was so anxious about a plane ride with her young son to see her in-laws, that she wished the trip were over before it even began. She was experiencing anxiety and overwhelm so much that it was exacerbating her physical health complaints. After a short, simple conversation with me she went on her trip and came back elated about how it went better than she could have ever imagined, from the plane ride to the actual visit and back. Prior to our conversation, all her trips had been a nightmare. She had been producing her own horrible experiences without realizing them and exacerbating physical pain in her body as well.

Or, like Tiffany, who had been diagnosed with deep depression and anxiety after giving birth to her second child. By the time she came in to see me for severe low back pain, she had been seeing a psychologist every week, as well as a psychiatrist from whom she got her psych meds. She had no motivation, and most days spent 23 hours in bed! She could hardly find the motivation to get out of bed and brush her teeth. On top of this, she felt tremendous guilt because her husband had to do everything, and she had no energy to spend time with her young children. She also constantly worried that her children would grow up with zero good memories of them with their mommy. After the first 30-minute conversation with me, she came back excited and joyful. She reported that her anxiety and depression were gone. She felt alive again. She only needed 7-8 hours of sleep. Her energy was back, she was able to spend time and do things with her husband and children. Her severe lower back pain had also been reduced to just a minor discomfort. Her psychologist wanted to know, after seeing her for a few years already, "What in the world did you do?!" Not everyone experiences dramatic changes that quickly, yet there are many that do.

Or, like Brenda, who suffered for many years with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety. After following a care plan for her body and mind, she had far less pain, and a lot more energy, a lot less depression, and she was freed from a lifetime of anxiety and meds!

These are only a few examples from my own patients who have given their testimonies in our office. Because I know how painful this journey can be, and how emotionally and mentally draining it can be, and how the mind and body work together, I want to share my discovery and unique approach with others who are still suffering like I used to be. So, I put together a special program to address the physical and emotional/mental stressors together! Why for women 32-57? Let's just say it has to do, in part, with my own mother and what she has gone through and my empathy, love, and compassion for her. I also have five daughters who I want to see have a fulfilled, peaceful, joyful life!

One last thing....

Because of the experiences of myself, and others I have done this program with, I can say with certainty that it's not your genetics or background or anything else that may lead you to believe you are "trapped" with this problem permanently.

That is just not true.

The only thing that will leave you trapped is if you give up and never focus on finding a solution.

There is a way out. I have found what works, and you can learn more about it during a free consultation, but even if you do not use my approach, just be sure to always stay positive and know that you will find a way out eventually.

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