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Single low fee for office visits and membership plans to save more money

In times when insurance can cost so much yet cover so little, and when it does seem good, it restricts your health care options so much, we have come up with a solution to provide great quality care, more affordable, for you and your family!

First, a low single office visit fee means that you'll know each time, before you come in, what the fee will be for your visit with us. No concerns over what it might add up to by the time you're done for the day. Instead of having a fee for a spinal adjustment, plus another fee for therapy A and again for therapy B, and a large fee for an exam, only pay a set fee for the entire visit no matter what or how much needs to be done that day. This makes it much easier to know what to expect and to budget!

Second, there are membership plans for individuals and families to save you even more money and to make it easier for you to stick around long enough to get the best long term results, instead of only temporary minor relief. This also helps a great deal for those who have a number of health care concerns and for those who are more proactive/wellness minded about their health.

Call us for more details!

Office Hours

***House calls can normally be made available at $75 per house call visit***

Mon 8am-1pm, 3pm-6:30pm
Tue 8am-1pm
Wed 8am-1pm, 3pm-5:30pm
Thu 8am-1pm, 3pm-5:30pm
Fri 8-11:30
Sat Closed
Sun Closed