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Neurofeedback in Copperas Cove

We are a certified BrainCore Neurofeedback clinic

Call 254-547-6654 to schedule a free consultation.

Not everyone will qualify to have BrainCore Neurofeedback. After assessments and brain mapping is complete we will let you know if you qualify and what to do. Interest free financing may be available to those you qualify for care.

Tap Into the Power of Your Brain - Regain Your Health & Wellbeing!

BrainCore Neurofeedback Can Help. See How:

Discover How Your Brain Can Change

Neuralplasticity is your brain's ability to create new neural pathways. Your brain is not hard-wired, it is not limited or fixed in its ability to heal --- you are in the driver's seat. Find out more about how BrainCore neurofeedback therapy can help you achieve life changing results by clicking on the video link below. This will redirect you to the BrainCore therapy website.

video about neurofeedback

Let Us Walk You Through The Steps To Better Health

  1. SCIENCE: We perform a comprehensive qEEG brain map. This process allows us to read the frequency of areas across the brain. Much like a weather map that shows high and low temperatures, this map will show brain frequency and which areas may be over or under signaling that may be contributing to symptoms in the body.
  2. CARE: Based on your unique brain map results, we will let you know what we have found and if we can help. If a brain frequency imbalance is detected, we will advise what specific neurofeedback protocols can help to improve your health by creating neuroplastic changes in the brain. (the brain's ability to create new neuro pathways to imrove and restore lost function)
  3. RESULTS: When the imbalance is detected, and neurofeedback is performed, brainwave frequencies are optimized for improved function, health, and wellbeing.

Call now for a FREE consultation and a qEEG Brain Map for only $69! (normal fee $300)