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Are You Emotionally Trapped? Signs that you are!

You often have a short fuse and it doesn't take much to set you off.

You have a lot of unexplained aches, pains, and "mystery ailments" you can never seem to find the cause of.

You have a hard time feeling emotionally available and connected to others on a deep level.

You are easily triggered by emotional reminders of the past, like songs, movies, smells, places, etc...

You find yourself stuck in behavior patterns that you can't seem to break no matter how hard you try.

You have a chronic illness or physical condition, or you always seem to be getting sick.

You have experienced physical or emotional trauma or a series of events that left an emotional scar.

You feel unloved or unworthy of love and have a hard time believing that others truly care about you.

You fall victim to self-sabotage, whether in relationships, careers, money, health, or life in general.

You make excuses for not going after what you want.

You find yourself reapeating the past, either your own past or that of someone close to you like a parent or sibling.

You frequently find yourself in conflict with others, whether emotionally or even in physical or verbal fights.

You are your own worst critic and say or think negative things about yourself.

You struggle in romantic relationships and feel unable to receive love, even if you have a significant other or spouse.

If you resonate with any of the above statements, you most likely have trapped emotions, or what we refer to as unprocessed emotional stress that as a result, at the least, is making life more difficult for you than it should be. It's time to get better! For yourself and those you care about!

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