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The video you're about to see below, shows a neurological test

for detecting an early sign of developmental delay in the brain

and has been linked to Autism as well as other developmental

problems! 75% of babies who fail this test are diagnosed with

Autism by the age of 2 years old, and it's completely

preventable!! Pediatricians know this test but do not know what

to do about it and can only intervene to try to make a problem

more copable. However, we do know what to do to correct it!

Don't take a chance or risk it with your baby!! Come see us for

a FREE TEST and have your baby checked if they are 0-6

months of age! Even if they are older, developmental delay

problems (i.e. autism spectrum, ADHD, sensory processing,

etc..) can be corrected with specialized Chiropractic

Neurological care!

Watch the video, then for the sake of our future generation,

give us a call for a free test!!