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The Emotion Code and Unresolved Emotional Stress

Sometimes an emotional stress is not fully processed by the nervous system and becomes "trapped" or "supressed" and like a sprained ankle that didn't heal properly and causes chronic ankle problems, these emotional stressors that don't fully process can cause ongoing problems. We now know how to work with your nervous system to identify and help it finish processing these past emotional stressors which can become a big game changer for your life.

There is a wide array of emotions one can experience from day to day life. Some of these negative emotions tend to get "stuck" and can cause various kinds of problems for people, from health problems to money issues to relationship trouble.

Your Nervous System adapts you to the day to day stresses of life, including emotional stresses. Examples of negative and harmful emotions if not fully processed and released by your nervous system are:

abandonment, betrayal, forlorn, lost, love unreceived, anxiety, despair, disgust, nervousness, worry, crying, discouragement, rejection, sorrow, sadness, anger, bitterness, guilt, hatred, resentment, blaming, dread, fear, horror, peeved, humiliation, jealousy, longing, lust, overwhelm, effort unreceived, heartache, insecurity, overjoy, vulnerability, failure, helplessness, hopelessness, lack of control, low self-esteem, confusion, defensiveness, grief, self-abuse, stubborness, depression, frustration, indecisiveness, panic, taken for granted, conflict, creative insecurity, terror, unsupported, wishy washy, pride, shame, shock, unworthy, worthless

Definitions can be found for each emotion as it relates to The Emotion Code, sourced from Amen, Daniel G., Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

Dr. John uses The Emotion Code to help your nervous system finish processing past emotional stressors and to clear these negative energy imbalances so balance, restoration, and many improvements can be achieved and your nervous system can then adapt you better to the day to day streses of life as well as conrol the rest of your systems, organs, and glands better.

This can result in physical, emotional, and/or biochemical healing as well as improved relationships, better job performance, unblocking money issues, etc...... It is our opinion that unresolved emotional stress in the body is often the most damaging and pervasive stress people will have.

This method works on principles of neuroscience and quantum physics to stimulate the Nervous System to finish processing and release trapped emotions with subsequent positive results for your mind, body and life.

Remote or By Proxy Care

Dr. John holds these sessions remotely. Most technology has the capability to work this way, from remote control televisions, toy cars with remotes, drones, cell phones, blue tooth, any wireless device, etc... It is our premise that the human mind which invented these technologies has the capability to function remotely, in relation to other people, as well. According to Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, the brain has antennae like neurons that send signals to others and receive signals from others. The person need not do anything but give permission for care to begin. The provider then begins the care and keeps the person informed of what's being found and released. After a session, there is a day or two of processing the person goes through before another session is potentially done. Sometimes changes are noticed immediately and sometimes after the day or two of processing.

For more information on how you can take advantage of these energy healing methods, and potentially gain massive shifts in certain areas of your life, call 254-547-6654 or text 254-258-9948