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Remote Chiropractic Care

What is remote Chiropractic Care?

Remote Chiropractic Care is a form of Energy Healing focusing on the spine and nervous system, much like physical Chiropractic Care does. In our experience, just about anything that can be done with physical Chiropractic Care can also be done remotely.

Do you remember the antenna like neurons that send and receive signals between you and other people, mentioned in the "Remote Care" introduction page? If not, you may want to read the intro page to remote care first, then come back to this. When a person receives a physical adjustment to the spine, here is what is actually happening:

1) The specific physical stimulation of the spine sends electrical nerve signals to the brain telling the brain how a joint or vertabra just moved and how it was positioned.

2) The brain responds to these specific electrical signals and sends more nerve signals back down the spine to the appropriate areas to cause a change in how a joint or vertebra is now moving and how it is now positioned.

3) This then can have numerous beneficial effects throughout the body as nervous system communication is improved and overall stress load on the nervous system is reduced, giving the nervous system more ability to properly adapt one to the day to day stresses of life and improved control over the other systems, organs and glands of the body.

Look at 1 to 3 above again and notice we're talking about electrical nerve signals reaching the brain and then being sent from the brain to the body for a positive change. (The brain's response is actually the adjustment by the way) The key, is that the brain is receiving specific signals. Then it responds to make a positive beneficial change in the body.

Remember when people only or mostly spoke on telephones that were connected to eachother through land lines that carried an electrical signal? And now, people are still connecting through phones, but no physical connection. It's still an electrical signal with specific frequencies, but it's carried on "air waves" instead of land lines. This is what remote Chiropractic Care (a form of energy healing) is like compared to physical Chiropractic Care.

Now, remember the antenna like neurons mentioned earlier that neuroscience and quantum physics has so much fun with? And that these special neurons receive signals from outside your body? What do you think the brain will do when it receives these signals? That's right, it will respond. Another example of the brain receiving these outside signals through it's antenna like neurons is when you walk into a room and see someone whom you do not know, and you either get a good or bad vibe about that person, even though you don't know them. Ever happen to you?

Remote Chiropractic Care provides the signals that the brain needs, but instead of going through a spinal pathway to the brain, the signals are carried through the "air waves" and received by the antenna like neurons of the brain so the brain can still respond and make a change to what's happening in the body. Like using the television remote control instead of walking up to it and pushing the buttons.

Some Additional Benefits over physical Chiropractic Care are that during a Chiropractic Energy Healing session, one can go further into the causes of the person's concerns they sought care for such as identifying the emotional, biochemical, physical, and/or electromagnetic stressors causing or contributing to the person's concerns and with the energy healing methods, help further assist the body with relief and functional improvements beyond a typical physical chiropractic visit. This tends to provide the possibility of faster and deeper health improvements.

Chiropractic Energy Healing sessions may be right for you if you are too far away from our office to make it in for physical care, or if you want a different experience which may be able to open new doors of health improvement for you.