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What is Remote Care?

Remote care, simply put, is care that is provided without the provider of the care and the recepient of the care being physically present with one another. It is how much of Energy Healing is accomplished. Energy Healing was very common in the Bible and has been around ever since. One could even say that prayer is a form of remote energy healing technically. Providing it remotely is like using the remote control for the television instead of walking up to it and pushing the buttons. In technology, using energy remotely is extremely common, and as technology advances, energy is used more and more remotely. Think about cell phones, drones, Wi-Fi, garage doors, key fobs, remote control cars and planes, the whole sattelite system, etc....

Neuroscience has shown how our brains have antenna like neurons that send signals out beyond our craniums and receive signals likewise, and Quantum Physics has shown how this sending and receiving of signals can happen between people. Have you ever thought sincerely about someone, then before you know it, they're calling you or something similar like this happens to you?? The scope of this science is beyond the use of this webpage, but the proof is out there for anyone wanting to research it. It's actually nothing new at all, just different than what many of us in the western world are use to in this pharmaceutical driven society.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing comes in many forms just as physical healing does. With energy healing, the intention is to cause a positive change in the recepient's current bioenergetic field, energy centers (i.e. chakras), energy pathways (i.e. nerve pathways and acupuncture meridians) and/or even inside the subatomic energy makeup of the cells in the body. The intention is also to get rid of energy imbalances and improve or restore good balance back to the above mentioned energy areas. Energy healing can provide a lot of potential for greatly improving one's health and life in general, especially since everything is made of energy and there's no getting around that. Having energy healing sessions that can improve the body's energy makeup and balance can have far reaching, lasting benefits. Even our thoughts and words have proven, measurable specific frequencies to them which impact the material world around us and one another. Think about how important our words and thoughts are towards one another, especially those we love!