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Services Offered

Specialized Chiropractic Care:

Prenatal, Pediatric including newborn, Chronic Pain, Post Surgical Care, Sports Injuries, Auto Accidents, Any Extremity nerve-muscle-joint-fascial related pain, Headaches, Sinuses, Abdominal, Neck, Back, and more....

Massage Therapy:

Who doesn't love a great massage? Great therapists utilize their skills to provide excellent services to help relieve pain and promote functional progress for many of the same concerns that our patients seek Chiropractic Care for.

Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback:

A great overall functional brain assessment and follow up care, when needed, to help the brain make new and better nerve connections for improving or restoring many and various functions in the brain and body. A great annual test for checking out how your brain is doing from one year to the next! Allows you to have tools to use for preventing premature brain aging! Get one done while you still remember, and so you will a greater potential to "still remember" later in life!

Emotion Code:

Simply put, an excellent energy healing technique for identifying and clearing trapped, or unprocessed, emotional stressors from your brain and body to further your health and well-being in all areas of life. Unprocessed, or trapped emotional stress can wreak havoc on one's health, pain levels, relationships, mentality, money issues, goals and dreams of achievement, etc....Are you ready for the possibility of moving beyond your current limitations and journey further into life? Start clearing the built up emotional stress being stored in your body and feel new again!

Body Code:

Like the Emotion Code, but this energy healing program encompases all areas of your health, not only the unprocessed emotions. It also includes looking into the circuits and systems of the body, the organs and glands, muscles, joints, soft tissue, spinal, the various aspects of your energy body such as the aura, meridians, chakras, etc..., toxicity, nutrition and lifestyle factors, misalignment issues of all kinds, pathogens, etc. It's a very comprehensive energy medicine program that can make a tremendous difference in your life when all else seems to fail.