Free Seminars

Join us the 1st Sunday afternoon each month for a natural health seminar!!!

Location and time may vary sometimes, so we recommend that you give us a call at 254-547-6654 to verify this information. Also, it is possible that on some months a seminar may not be taught due to unforseen situations. It is our goal to offer them every month.

These seminars will teach about the use of pure unadulterated 100% essential oils, possibly whole-food organic nutritional and herbal supplements, toxicity, natural remedies, and having a strong foundation for lasting great health and wellness. This may include teaching about sleep wellness, diet/nutrition, body movement, physical stress, emotional stress, biochemical stress, electromagnetic stress, etc.

All seminars may include the above information, however, each month we will put some focus on a specific topic, such as "Children - ADD, ADHD, Autism, Diabetes and Behavior", for example.

Please call us at 254-547-6654 or submit the form below to get information on the next seminar.


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