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Nahara Birth Services

With: Holly Dodd

Doula & Birth Consultant


Welcome to Nahara Birth Services, a growing business with the goal of bringing light and love to pregnant mamas in the Fort Hood, Tx., area. Holly is currently offering Doula services and birth consultations. Take a look around her website, and if you don't find the answers you're looking for, feel free to contact her at her website contact page, or at 573-238-6579.

My Story

By: Holly

I have thoroughly enjoyed all 7 of my pregnancies, but it wasn't until I became pregnant with my 6th, that I began to explore birth options. My 5 prior births had been in hospitals, and included 2 vaginal births with epidurals, 2 without, and 1 induction that led to a c-section. Once I began investigating options, I decided to have my 6th baby at home with a midwife. It turned out that he wanted a water birth, because that's where he was born as we awaited my midwife's arrival. My 7th was born in a birthing center, this time in the water intentionally.
While pregnant with my 7th, I dug deeper into my birthing journey. I discovered that not only did I desire more birth options for myself, but I also wanted other mamas to be aware of all the options they have to make their births their own. I enrolled in a midwifery program and began attending births as a doula and a student.
Now, I am ready to pass this knowledge on to you, mama, as you prepare for the next step of your birth journey! As your Doula, I can provide you with non-medical support, emotionally and physically, throughout your birth journey wherever it may lead.