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Cost of Services

Free Consultation: Your first visit to our office is a complimentary consultation with our Chiropractic doctor. There is never a fee for this service.

Office Visit Fees: We offer a low, all inclusive, office visit fee to save our clients money. For this single fee, everything that Dr. John needs to do with you to help you achieve the best and fastest relief and progress each visit is included. If a physiotherapy is performed (i.e. electrotherapy for pain and inflammation reduction) it's only an extra $6. There are sometimes online specials posted on our website which may give you a different offer.

House Calls: $75 per home visit.

Consultation $0

Comprehensive Examination $77

**for our video journey particpants the above exam is only $55, however we request participants to be willing to have short videos and pictures taken which may be posted later on our website.

Office Visit for Treatment with Dr. John $44

**if physiotherapy is included: $50 for office visit

Payment Options

1) Pay per visit

2) Pay ahead for current treatment plan and recieve 15% savings (i.e 12 visits could go from $600 to $510 or from $528 to $448.80)

3) Care Credit

*cash, checks, credit, debit all accepted (possibly cryptocurrency in the future)

*claim forms may be printed off to send to one's insurance for reimbursement

Typical Treatment Plan Options

Once accepted as a patient, and then depending on the patient's condition, needs, and goals, a few different options may be available for care.

1) An active care plan designed to bring correction and long term stability and results (always provides the best outcome)

2) A management care plan where ongoing care is provided to help manage pain and the condition causing it, still providing improvement in pain and function.

3) A passive care plan where care is only provided when the pain is "bad enough" and some temporary relief is provided

*The main difference in these plans besides symptomatic and functional outcomes, is how much care the individual is willing to have for themselves. We do not turn people away if they simply just don't want to follow our best reccommendations. Your care is always up to you and your responsibility. We are here to love you and support you in any improvements that can be made.

Supplements: In our clinic, we provide what we believe to be the very best quality, whole food, organic nutritional and herbal supplements as well as the very best quality essential oils to assist your body in healing and restoring normal function and great health. There are many products and variation in cost. We recommend you contact our office by phone, 254-547-6654, or email,[email protected] ,to let us know what you are looking for so we can assist you with a recommendation along with the cost for what is being suggested for you. We recommend though that you come in and see Dr. John instead so he can utilize advanced functional neurology procedures like Applied Kinesiology and Contact Reflex Analysis to help you determine what your needs are.

Products: We carry products such as orthopedic cervical pillows ($150....lasts for 5 years!) and natural muscle relief gel ($15). We can also provide for you a large variety of orthopedic supports such as knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder and wrist braces, lumbar and sacroiliac support belts, tens units, and just about anything else you may need to support your body's health needs or recovery. To make it easier, the doctor can help you determine what your needing while keeping it cost-effective.