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Cost of Services

Free Consultation: Your first visit to our office is a complimentary consultation with our natural healthcare chiropractic doctor. There is never a fee for this service.

Flat Rate Office Visit Fee: We now offer a low price, all inclusive Office Visit fee, to save our clients money. For this single fee, everything that needs to be done to help you each visit, such as a spinal adjustment or treatment, therapeutic procedures, evaluations, etc..., are all included. This will allow you to know how much your visits will be before you come, no matter how much is done. There are sometimes online specials, posted on our website, which may give you a special offer as well!

House Calls: $75 per home visit, includes all testing and treatment procedures.

Finance Plans:

Cove Freedom offers payment plans to fit your budget so that you can receive the great care you want or need without the roadblocks of the pocket book or bank account. There are no additional fees or interest added. So, when you need care for a while to get well and regain strength and stability for long-term great results, but can't keep up visit to visit with cost, it's no problem at Cove Freedom! Our first priority with you is to serve you and help you get well. Don't shy away because of money concerns....let us take that concern away so you can focus on getting well and developing a foundation for long-term results!

Supplements: In our clinic, we provide what we believe to be the very best quality, whole food, organic nutritional and herbal supplements as well as the very best quality essential oils to assist your body in healing and restoring normal function and great health. There are many products and variation in cost. We recommend you contact our office by phone, 254-547-6654, or email,[email protected] ,to let us know what you are looking for so we can assist you with a recommendation along with the cost for what is being suggested for you. We recommend though that you come in and see Dr. John instead so he can utilize advanced functional neurology procedures like Applied Kinesiology and Contact Reflex Analysis to help you determine what your needs are.

Products: We carry products such as orthopedic cervical pillows ($150....lasts for 5 years!) and natural muscle relief gel ($15). We can also provide for you a large variety of orthopedic supports such as knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder and wrist braces, lumbar and sacroiliac support belts, tens units, and just about anything else you may need to support your body's health needs or recovery. To make it easier, the doctor can help you determine what your needing while keeping it cost-effective.