There is a wide array of emotions one can experience from day to day life. Some of these negative emotions tend to get "stuck" and can cause various kinds of problems for people, from health issues to relationship trouble.

Examples of negative and potentially harmful emotions (if experienced too often or too long):

confusion unforgiveness disappointment emotional hurt anger self sabotage worry anxiety depression fear procrastination low self esteem betrayal inferiority complex hopelessness despise frustration hatred jealousy meaness

At Cove Freedom Chiropractic, we use a few different neurological and natural treatment methods to rebalance and stabilize the emotional part of the brain, in reference to the particular emotional issue being addressed.

Examples of the kinds of results often seen are:

~ Various fears and phobias disappearing
~20 plus years depression gone
~Years of anger gone
~Low self esteem turning into confidence
~No more road rage
~Anxiety melting away
~Not feeling mean anymore
~PTSD gone
~ADD/ADHD resolved
...........and much more!!!

The methods used do not consist of counseling or psychology sessions. They do consist of neurological methods of stimulating the Limbic System (emotional seat) of the brain in an effort to balance the neurology of the emotions. This is much like balancing muscles around a joint so you stop having joint pain, except we're simply balancing emotional nerves instead, so the "emotional pain or symptom" goes away!

For more information on how you can take advantage of these remarkable procedures, and gain your emotional life and stability back, call and schedule your FREE consultation today!